Dorico Export Audio not working

Hi all,

Trying to figure out an issue – currently working in Dorico Pro 3 on an orchestral project (~35 players) all VEPro on a slave and about 100 bars currently. I’m having trouble exporting the audio; when I choose File>Export>Audio and then click OK in the dialogue box, Dorico creates the folders for the project (and the folder for the flow) but it is empty. I’ve tried all settings (WAV, MP3, flow, individual players, etc.) and nothing seems to produce an audio file. I’m on an iMac running Mojave. Any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Are you using any special characters in the flow name?
Also, could you please choose from Dorico’s main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report ?
That creates a zip file on your desktop, please attach here. Thanks.

Nope no special characters. Please let me know if you have a solution!
Dorico (794 KB)

Thanks for the data. Contained are always the logs from the last 10 runs of the program, and looking at them, you seem to not have invoked audio export during those 10 last runs. Can you confirm that?
If that is the case, then please try to do another audio export, close Dorico, start up again and create another diagnostic report. And of course also attach here. Thanks.

Sorry! Attached is the Dorico Diagnostics.
Dorico (764 KB)

Many thanks again for the data. Unfortunately following is happening. We have a known issue that if VSL is loaded and Dorico shutsdown, it’s audio engine is crashing. We have a fix for the crash issue, but unfortunately it is not public, yet. Due to the crash, the audio engine does not write out the logging data out anymore, so I’m missing the important stuff.
Would you please try following instead, though I don’t know if it helps, but we have to try. Do again an audio export, then open another project from template, let’s say a piano project with HALion Sonic SE. Then enter a few notes and create another diagnostic report. I hope it will contain the log that I need. Many thanks

As I just got remembered, we have a known issue with a question mark in the export path.
Is this maybe the case with you, do you have a question mark somewhere in a folder or file name?

Yes it seems the “?” was the issue! Thanks for helping me figure that out.

It worked for a couple days – however, I now have an issue where the audio file begins to write but then gets stuck at 90% or 0%. Please let me know what I should do handle this. I’ve attached a diagnostics report.

Here is the diagnostics report. I’m not quite sure what is happening but it won’t seem to export an audio file. Please let me know what you’d recommend.
Dorico (421 KB)

You seem to have a video attached to your project. We have yet another known issue (not in every case) where audio export gets stuck if a video is attached. We have already a fix for it and it will come out with the next Dorico update. Could you please try detaching the video and then exporting, does it then succeed?

I will try that – when will the next update come out? Just out of curiosity :smiley:

The Dorico Team announces no update before its time.
(To paraphrase an old box wine commercial.)