Dorico exporting blank MIDI files

Dear Dorico users
I’ve got a multi-flow work. I keep trying to extract the MIDI from one flow and all I get is blank 1-bar MIDI files with a size of 247 bytes. This is the same whether I export the MIDI file direct from the big work, or whether I first export the flow as a Dorico file and then extract the MIDI file.
I’m puzzled because I exported the MIDI from another flow of the same work last week and that worked just fine. But now, nothing but blank MIDI files. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?
Also, another phenomenon which might be linked, is that when I export the flow, it exports the score followed by 103 blank pages.

Does MIDI export work like audio export, only exporting from the top (score?) layout in the layout list?

No. It doesn’t work at all. When I import into Cubase I get one blank bar.

Make sure that the layout at the top of the list of layouts in the Layouts panel in Setup mode contains all of the flows and players you want to be included in the MIDI file. You can drag layouts in the list to move a suitable layout to the top.

Dear Dorico users,
I’m revisiting this because I’m still having no luck. Back in Nov-Dec, I had to make do with replaying all the parts into Cubase. Took hours. So I’d really like to find a way to make Dorico MIDI export work. It’s a multi-flow work with many instruments. I followed Daniel’s kind instructions. No matter what I select in the RH Layouts panel in set up mode, it always says it is exporting Full Score, then it produces a blank file of 189 kb. Here’s what it looks like when I try and export.

Thanks for any help.

A MIDI file of 189K cannot be empty! An empty MIDI file would be a few bytes in size.

Hello Daniel, Thanks. Well when I import it to Cubase, I get two bars of blank track. There’s no sound in Windows Media Player either. Also, all the files I generate in this way seem to be the same size. Apparently I can’t upload MIDI files. But these links should take you to what I’m getting.!AlcN6_1e8aFDgaBg-bIsxmIkhYJrbQ?e=zasheL!AlcN6_1e8aFDgaBfjg771jGT0xX68w?e=qWKf5R
Many thanks

Just to rule out the slightly less obvious: if you go into Write mode, select something on the page and hit P, do you get playback?

I notice the Layout selected in the image above is not at the top of the list. While I am unclear whether a MIDI export must be a full score layout (a special one of which could be created to hold just the soprano voice, I suppose), I am certain that layout has to be moved to the top of the layout list.

To answer Leo, no, there is no playback. This is a big file - 32 flows. Even with a 32 GB RAM machine and an i7 processor, it is still very sluggish. So I set the playback template to silent.
Does that mean it needs to be set to playback to generate MIDI?
Will try…

If the playback template is set to Silence then Dorico can’t generate MIDI.

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OK. Well, many thanks to Leo for asking about Playback. It didn’t occur to me that Dorico would not generate MIDI when Playback Template was set to silent. One more small step to Dorico mastery achieved. Thanks to Derrek for his point. I’ve still got to fine-tune exporting what I want. But at least I’m exporting something now.
Thanks to everyone.