Dorico Expression Markings As CC11

I have the latest version of Dorico Pro (4.3.30) on Windows 10.

I would like to change Dorico’s expression markings to input CC11 into the MIDI file. I’m not sure if this would replace the present velocity entries of if this would be in addition; i.e have both velocity and CC11 entries.

I have searched for this from which I believe this is achieved through an expression map. As I follow up my Dorico scores to work in my DAW (Reaper), I have very little knowledge and experience of expression maps.

I should be grateful if someone could give me a simple, step-by-step on how to achieve this.

Many thanks.

After further searching, I found an example file by Daniel (cresc.dorico) which demonstrated how to apply CC controllers together with velocity. I tried searching for that thread to link here but can’t find it now.

I now have my score adding CC11 together with velocity.