Dorico "Expression" Texts

I am trying to help a student with an orchestra piece. Seems that, when one enters a metronome text atop the page using the Ctrl+T function, it reverts (like it or not) to q=72. Like we tried to use the word “Brutal” to describe a mood, and 72 was there. Is there a way to do this differently and not have to either repeat the tempo already established or eliminate the default?

In Dorico, tempo text that doesn’t specify a speed is termed a “Reset Tempo”. You can type “a tempo” or one of the other recognized strings into the popover, or click one in the right panel, and then change the text to “Brutal” or whatever in Properties.

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I don’t think that’s quite the case; rather, that if you don’t specify a metronome mark, Dorico has to default to something.

I think I have also suggested internally that it would be nice for it to default to the prevailing metronome mark – perhaps one day.

For now, include the metronome mark value you want in the popover entry and then hide the metronome mark, or change the value afterwards using the Properties panel.

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Yes, and interestingly if, in the popover you write the word “tempo” also together with other random words (that doesn’t match the strings of the Reset tempo dialgue, in which case it sets a reset tempo), the default tempo that is shown in the properties will be 120, instead of 72 (wondering why?) :hushed:

this would be nice!, for the cases that are not listed in the strings known to Dorico with already coupled tempi, like “Allegro q=140”: in this last case Dorico should use the coupled tempo if I write Allegro, but when I write “Brutal”, it should as Lillie says, use the prevailing tempo.