Dorico failing to launch


After a few months of use, Dorico (1.01) is now refusing to launch on my machine.

I get a message “Dorico.exe - Bad Image: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico\liblua5.2dll.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0xc0000020.”

If I look at the file mentioned, it has a date of about quarter of an hour ago (when the problem was first observed probably), and a size of 0 KB.

I had been updating Java earlier - 'don’t know if this might be related.

I’m reluctant to experiment too much without some guidance.


Geoff D.

Geoff, I’m speaking with no authority, of course, but I daresay, if you need Dorico urgently, you can’t do any harm by just reinstalling it. If that’s not a typo and you’re really using 1.0.1, I recommend an update to 1.1 anyway.

My liblua5.2dll.dll has a size of some 200 kb and hasn’t been changed since I updated to 1.1, so I suspect it’s nothing user related inside. I could send you mine to see if it works when you replace the damaged file only, but as you don’t know what else was damaged, running the installer again is probably the best option.

Hopefully someone of the team will chime in soon. Their support here is usually very fast.

Hope I could help a bit

Thanks Florian,

Thanks very much for the suggestions. Yes, I am on Dorico 1.1 - but my installer goes back to 1.0.0. There’s a good chance that I could just go back to that install and then reinstall the update to 1.1, but again I’m a little nervous of taking that step, so will wait a little longer before trying that route.

Thanks again,

Geoff D.

You’re welcome!
You should be able to download the latest installer for 1.1 with the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Really strange and can not say what has caused that dll to get corrupted, but a reinstallation is definitely a good idea.
Alternatively, I have attached a new copy of that Lua dll. Unzip that and copy to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico
and see if that already fixes it. (91.9 KB)

Thanks Ulf,

I tried the download of the dll - however things seem to have deteriorated further. I now also get a similar message about Qt5Gui.dll (and then further messages relating to Qt5Gui.dll and Qt5Network.dll, but I guess they may be related).

Geoff D.

OK - a reinstall seems to have done the trick (and was pretty painless - appreciated).

Thanks very much.

Oddly I’ve found this morning that another notation program has also become corrupted on the same machine, but that’s not for this forum.

Thanks again,

Geoff D.

Glad you got Dorico running again.

If it was me and two different apps both got corrupted, I would do a full virus scan next.

I suppose it’s possible the two apps are using different versions of the Qt libraries and somehow overwrote each other - but you need somebody from Steinberg to sort out problems like that, not me!

It’s very interesting that you have experienced this problem, Geoff, as I just last week heard from another user with a similar problem, i.e. that the DLLs that Dorico relies upon had been modified by some other process on the computer and consequently Dorico would no longer run at all.

Are you running either McAfee virus-scan (or other McAfee security product) or Acronis TrueImage on your computer, by any chance?


I’m on the 30-day trial and also having this issue: liblua5.2dll warning. A re-install solves it, but is tedious. You mentioned something about McAfee, but no one followed up. I’m on McAfee. Do I need to exclude some files from the scan, or ???

Yes, I’d be curious if McAfee is involved in this. McAfee is my anti-virus of choice generally but I can certainly switch to something else if advised.


In general I would recommend doing away with all third-party anti-virus/anti-malware software on Windows, whether it’s from McAfee, Norton, AVG, Avast, or indeed any other independent developer: the only anti-virus/anti-malware software you need on Windows is the free, built-in Windows Defender.

If you do want to hang on to your existing anti-virus software, then it probably would be as well to add at least the main Dorico folder (C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico) as an exclusion to try to discourage your anti-virus program from interfering with it.