Dorico fails to import MusicXML


I’ve been frustrated so far with Dorico. I had hoped to import all my Notion scores as MusicXML to continue to work on them in Dorico but every time I attempt to import one Dorico just hangs indefinitely with a small, cryptic dialog as shown in my screenshot. Nothing further can be done. I tried to research this and found a post on Japan’s forum which described a similar problem. In that case, the solution seemed to be correcting a mistake within the XML file. I checked through my files and found no such errors.

Today I tried to simply open Dorico and Windows shut down, giving me a blue screen complaining of “bad pool header”. I also attach dump files from this for you to inspect.

I’m becoming scared to even touch Dorico right now! Very disappointing.
Clipboard-1.jpg (35.2 KB)

I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with Dorico so far.

Could you please zip up and attach some of the MusicXML files that you have been unable to import? I’m afraid Dorico is not always very resilient to the peculiarities sometimes found in MusicXML files. Different applications have their own quirks in their implementations of MusicXML, and it can be very difficult to know in advance what all of those quirks are, since they affect the encoding of specific musical situations, so until Dorico tries and fails to open one of these files, we often don’t know about them.