Dorico Feature Wishlist - Enharmonic Finder

It would be amazing and magical if Dorico had a “Find Enharmonic Spelling” feature. Sort of like Word where you can use the Find tool to find specific words. I would love to find all of the E#s in a score and cycle through them and change them F naturals (or better yet, select all via the Find tool, etc.). Does something like that exist yet?

This thread might help:

It does indeed exist:

  1. Select the passage in which you wish to respell a certain pitch
  2. In the top menu, go to Edit->Filter->Notes by Pitch… to invoke the dialog
  3. Add the pitches which you wish to select, using the interface in the dialog and click ‘Select’ when done
  4. With the pitches still selected, call the relevant respell command.
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Or possibly quicker, select the passage, Shift-I e#=f Enter (for instance).