Dorico figured bass duration

When I go to the duration panel for figured bass I see these +/- buttons but when I click I get the iOs keyboard and cannot do anything. On the Mac I can input a number.
My mistake or room for improvement for this amazing app?

srh, are you using the iPad version of Dorico?
What exactly do you mean by “Duration Panel”?
If I select a bass note and touch the right Figured Bass panel, the iOS keyboard pops up - and I can input figures (figured bass numbers).

In this case I mean the iPad version, in the desktop version I see a value on these places. I think this is a bug (or unfinished function). And of course I know other ways to extend the duration.

I see, thank you for pointing this out Siebe (I had never seen that property) - on the other hand on the iPad you need the keyboard to pop up, otherwise there is no way to input figures (unless you have an external keyboard).
I wonder what is possible with the desktop version Dorico Elements.

This it how it looks in Dorico Pro:

I think it still has to be finished on the iPad version.

Today it suddenly works and I can change the duration with the arrows.
Problem was that when not connected with BT keyboard the on screen keyboard is activated and gets in the way: you don’t see what is happening.