Dorico-for-iPad 2.2 - Open in place

For my workflow, the edit date and time of a file is important. Not only because this makes searching easier, but also because I work with many versions of 1 piece. Of course they all have unique names, but the edit date and time are an important tool.
I usually use Dorico-for-iPad to listen to files, I edit on Dorico 4.
Open in place completely messes this up. Just opening (and immediately closing) a file changes the edit date and time. That’s weird because nothing has changed.
So just listening to a file on the iPad is no longer an option for me.

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable Open in place?

Groet, Marien

Make the date (and time, if you wish) a part of the file name: filename220419.

At the moment, when you close a file on the iPad version, we always save it for safety. But perhaps we can change that to only save it if the project has unsaved changes. I’ll look into that.

Hi Daniel, thank you.
It would be nice if this can be changed.
It would also be nice if autosave could be switched off. Then you can listen without files being overwritten, and also work with Dorico for iPad without accidentally overwriting files.
I find it too dangerous to work with Dorico for iPad with Autosave.
Before version 2.2 you worked at least with a copy.
So I am limited to Dorico 4 for the time being.

Groet, Marien

You can still work with a copy in Dorico for iPad: use the Files app to duplicate a project before you open it in Dorico (we may add a means to do this via the Hub directly at some point, but I’m leery of putting too many file management operations in the Hub when the Files app exists to handle them already).

Hi Daniel, thank you.
I am aware of the workaround, but in my opinion is the simplest and most reliable solution saving manually.
Groet, Marien