Dorico for iPad 2.4.10 update now available

We have today released a minor update to Dorico for iPad on the App Store, version 2.4.10, which addresses a few issues:

  • Fixes “Error saving file” error that can appear after opening a project from a cloud-enabled folder
  • Fixes incorrect font used when running in Japanese or Chinese in some screens
  • Shows some holding text in the Hub when enumerating files in iCloud Drive, since this can sometimes take a few seconds

…together with some other smaller fixes and improvements.

If you haven’t yet installed Dorico for iPad, you can download it from the App Store here:

If you already have Dorico for iPad installed, it will probably update automatically, but if you need to update it manually, you can do so following these steps:

If you have been testing Dorico for iPad 2.4.10 via TestFlight, if you wish you can now return to using the regular App Store version, since it is now the same build as the most recent build available via TestFlight. Open the TestFlight app, select Dorico, and click the red Stop Testing button.