Dorico for IPad 2.52 what's new?

What has been changed or fixed in Dorico 2.52 for IPad ? Unfortunately there seems to be no update history anywhere.
I hope there will be a bigger update soon, in which bugs will be fixed and some features added. One bug is in the german version. The menu option " select, deselect " is missing in the filter menu. Another stuff, which you can call bug or feature request, is, that the default templates will not be overwritten, when you save some settings as standard. At the moment the “save as standard” is useless. I’m really missing this feature.

The Dorico for iPad update currently available via TestFlight provides fixes in line with a forthcoming update to Dorico for macOS and Windows. The only iPad-specific change in this update is that the metronome click now has its own fader in the Mixer, like it does on the desktop.

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