Dorico for iPad Apple pencil doesn’t function

I must have touched an option to disable the apple pencil working as a pencil, for I can’t make notations on the read screen. If I touch the screen with the apple pencil it reacts as touch and I can move the page around. Anybody an idea?

Mark, your info’s out of date (or possibly you’ve misunderstood). The pencil absolutely is supported for annotating in read mode, albeit not for note input.

Jan, is the pencil icon at the top of the screen highlighted? If not, try tapping it. Then does your pencil work?

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’ Thanks for your replies! ’

The Apple Pencil is working (for example I can draw notes with it in StaffPad :blush:), but it behaves like a move tool. I can’t make a selections box with it. The same is true for my finger. I can’t make a boxed selecting.
I think I ticked some box to prevent this from working. But I can’t find ik. Tried this place (screenprint from iPad)

Hope to hear from you

are you sure that you are in “read mode”? to get there you have to choose the read mode in the upper right corner menu. Looking to your screen you seem to be in write mode and there the pencil isn’t supposed to write…

I made progress and figured out that with the encircled box (see picture) I can make a box selection with mouse and finger. But still not able to make anotation in read mode

Jan, the Apple Pencil is supported specifically for annotation in Read mode - this is roughly equivalent to using handwriting or squiggles and highlights in ForScore.

It’s not supported for actually editing the music in Write mode or Play mode, whether on staves or piano roll.

I’m a bit further in finding where the problem comes from. I found that in read mode, if the number of pages in right upper corner is 0, then the pen doesn’t work. If the numer is greater then 0 it works.

Question is thereby, how come the number of pages is 0 in read mode.


I solved my issue :slight_smile:

it appears that when you are in write mode in galley view you don’t get pagenumbers in read mode and thus can’t write with the apple pencil.

If you are in page view and then go to read mode you can use the apple pencil.

greetings Jan

I downloaded Dorico for the Ipad earlier, and I have just spent half an hour trying to figure out how to input notes on an ipad (Dorico 5.1) using either touch or the apple pencil. But it appears after googling that this basic function is not currently possible. Am I correct, or have I missed something? I could only input notes via the inbuilt keyboard and using some arrows to move the carrot around. I am left slightly confused again as this seems a strange omission in functionality by the developers. Can I really be back in Sybellius Land!

You can’t input notes directly with the Apple Pencil, no. Sorry that you wasted an hour trying to find this feature.

Hi Daniel, Thank you for responding so quickly. I was just updating my desktop version to 5.1 when I found out that there was actually an ipad version. I was a little bit annoyed that it wasn’t linked to my current pro licence, but with the 25% discount for lifetime ipad updates I thought that was probably fair. I never like to assume in terms of features but it would be great if note input could be achieved by using the apple pencil. Can you also add the print menu, I haven’t found that yet. Thanks R

You can print via AirPrint directly via the application menu at the right-hand side of the toolbar, or you can click the share button (also near the right-hand end of the toolbar) to do things like export PDF, MusicXML, or audio.

Cool thanks

Hello dear
Daniel. I’m very frustrated by the inability to directly type input notes using an apple pencil. Unfortunately, I have to give up working on Dorico for Ipad. In this regard, I would like to hear how soon you plan to implement this?

I’m afraid I can’t say with any certainty when this will be implemented. I know that’s frustrating to hear, but I prefer not to try to give firm indications about when something will be implemented until it’s either done, or very nearly done. Software development is hard, and there can often be problems encountered along the way that can either lead to delay or in extreme cases the abandonment of a set of changes.

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dear Daniel! please tell me, is it possible to copy notes on Dorico for Ipad by holding down the alt button, as we do on the desktop version?
And the second question is whether there is a shortcut on the keyboard to switch to extend options so that you can circle the music text?

Welcome to the forum, @Kass_Ait. I’m afraid you can’t use Alt+click to copy and paste in Dorico for iPad, because the way keyboard modifiers work is different on iPadOS. We hope to be able to enable this in future, but it will require changes in the underlying Qt framework on which Dorico is built.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by your second question: could you give me a few more details to help me understand?

Thank you for fast answer! I mean about this button on the photo. Can I use shortcut to switch it?

Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, you can’t assign a shortcut to the Extend Selection button, or indeed to the Add To Selection button.

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