Dorico for ipad Bluetooth midi delay whilst recording realtime

Are we just stuck with this or is there any workaround?
I haven’t got headphones connected or anything - just the metronome and the system audio through the little speaker, trying to record in realtime.
but the delay is making it pretty unworkable.
Any solutions? - Is a connected keyboard much quicker for example? (I haven’t got one but I could get one if I thought it would make much difference.)

Have you tried adjusting the MIDI latency compensation value?

A USB-connected keyboard will have lower latency than a Bluetooth-connected one, but it should still be possible to get workable results with Bluetooth.

I think I’ve got it now! It’s the hamburger thing and then prefs…?

I’ve set mine to -60ms which is probably the closest - but this obviously relies on listening to the notes directly from the keyboard and turning down the mixer for the soft sounds.

Does that all sound about right?

Yes, it certainly seems reasonable. Once you have it dialed in once, you shouldn’t need to do it again.