Dorico for iPad bugs


I’m trying to use Dorico for iPad for a few minutes and I had many issues.

Without a keyboard connected, when changing an instrument I couldn’t write text (Scribe function) with my Apple Pencil in the search field.

When I add a second voice, I couldn’t select a voice separately from another with the Apple Pencil.
I had to use the select tool to do so.
After closing the file I could do it.

It crashes very often (losing the latest notes input) when transforming a cello note into an artificial harmonic.

Actually, it’s nice to have a box with numbers when making artificial harmonics or Rehearsal marks,
but it would be nice to see the result in real-time instead of having to press OK.
The computer version can do it.


Dorico doesn’t (yet) support the Scribble APIs for writing text with the Apple Pencil. It’s possible this may be added in future.

To change voice, you can use the buttons provided in the notes toolbox on the left-hand side of the display in Write mode.

Can you please provide a specific set of steps to reproduce the crash you experience when creating a harmonic?

Hello dspreadbury,

Thank you for your reply.

I know how to change a voice and
by selecting a voice, I meant choosing one of the voices after adding them to edit it.
But I couldn’t reproduce this issue.

For the harmonics, I could reproduce it when making a note on a cello part to an artificial note
using the Partial option and when adding 23 (by mistake) instead of 3 in the Edit Numeric Value box, it crashed.

I don’t know if it would crash with a more realistic number but it’s really easy to add a 2 digit number by mistake.

Also, I don’t always know if the artificial harmonics is the 2nd or the 3rd…
but I know what notes (interval) I want when creating an artificial harmonic.
So it would be nice to be able to have a + and - option to add numbers and get real-time feedback on the score to see the result on harmonics and rehearsal marks.
As Dorico for iPad crashes a lot and loses some information at that time, it would be nice to have an option to save quickly using the iPad without a keyboard.


Thanks for the feedback about the Partial property. I can reproduce that crash: the special popover for numeric values isn’t enforcing the appropriate minimum/maximum values for the property. I’ll make sure that gets fixed.

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