Dorico for iPad cannot export to xml

Hello, it seems I cannot export to xml, the save button is greyed out. The same for audio files.
Update: the problem is when I select a different folder in the iCloud folder.

Can you provide a bit more clarification? Is the project you’re trying to export MusicXML from located in iCloud Drive? Are you able to export when you export to iCloud Drive, or only if you choose another location?

The project is in the Dorico folder, which is in the iCloud Drive, it was created on a Mac (from Mac I can export).
From the iPad I can export to other folders but the Dorico “branded” one.
I noticed that I have the same problem with all the files in the Dorico folder within the iCloud Drive, even for projects created on the iPad.

It is like the “Dorico folder” is a bit picky. I remember that “before” Dorico 4 or the iPad update I had not a Dorico folder, at least not a branded one, so I decided to create (or maybe rename, I don’t remember) the previous folder “Dorico old”.
I am saying this because it is the default path where Dorico for iPad wants to “share” projects.
For the formats WAV. ;4A, MIDI, XML, PDF, the default share path is the folder “Dorico old” and if I select the “Dorico” folder the save command is greyed out.
The only “share” option that works for that folder is “Dorico project”.

I noticed that the command “get info” (CMD+I) is not available for that folder, but that happens to other “branded” folders created by other apps, so maybe it is not related to the issue here.

I believe these are all limitations with iCloud Drive itself: Dorico doesn’t have much control over what appears in the Share sheet – we simply ask iPadOS to show the sheet, and it populates it with the options it finds appropriate. We certainly don’t have any limitations on the Dorico side in terms of where we allow files to be exported.

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