Dorico for iPad cannot open a project (crash files attached)

Hello a minute ago I was working on a project Dorico crashed and and a window popped up this showed up.

Neither of the two buttons are working and when I press on them. I am working with my USB-C camera adapter connected to my digital piano for recording notes. After I disconnected it, I could load the project, but it wasn’t the one that. I disconnected the camera kit adapter, and it started writing notes using the virtual piano. But again Dorico crashes and doesn’t save my work.

Is there a crash file that I can report it.

You can upload a Diagnostics Report. I think you. create it from the main menu in the top-right?

One should be able to create a Diagnostic Report from the Hub. (Is that what you meant?)

Thank you it is attached.

Dorico (94.0 KB)

Unfortunately, iPad crash logs are not included in the diagnostic report that you can create from within the app, because the crash logs are located outside the app sandbox and thus cannot be accessed by the app. Please go to Settings > Privacy and look for Analytics Data, and look for any files whose names start Dorico and end with .ips. You can then share them to your computer, zip them up, and attach them here.

Dorico-2024-04-26-061909.ips (89.5 KB)
Dorico.cpu_resource-2024-04-26-063524.ips (18.9 KB)
Dorico-2024-04-26-082501.ips (86.1 KB)

There are many Daniel. Above, please find a selection of them.

Thanks very much for the crash logs. It appears that the OS itself is throwing an exception when reading that project file from its URL. I’m not sure what might be going on – I will consult with my colleagues tomorrow and see if anybody has any ideas.

Thank you very much, Daniel. Looking forward to hearing from you.