Dorico for Ipad crashing when trying to download Iconica Sketch

So in general I’ve had quite a few issues with Dorico on my iPad Air… Basically every time I use it, I know it’s gonna crash at some point. It hasn’t been much of an issue though because it’s good with autosaves, and the app has been by far the best out of any alternatives. I’m also a long time user of the Desktop version so it makes transferring files back and forth pretty easy.

Since I use it so often I decided to go ahead and get the premium version for my iPad so I could get access to more instruments and to also get the sound quality improvement from general midi to Iconica Sketch. After spending awhile trying to figure out how to actually download Iconica Sketch (it’d be nice if this was made a little more obvious btw, I initially thought it was automatic and took like 15 minutes of googling and tapping around on the app to figure out how to actually do it) I now have an issue where I can’t actually download it.

So I open up a new project, tap at the top right, tap on reset sounds, and then tap “download iconica sketch” and it just closes the second that I tap it. I’ve tried opening new projects and going through that same process and also redownloading the app but none of that has worked.

Below I’m including the most recent ips file

Dorico-2024-06-01-135938.ips (106.2 KB)

Would love some help on this. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, Alexander. I’m sorry you’ve had problems downloading Iconica Sketch. Could you please choose Diagnostic Report from the application menu at the right-hand side of the toolbar when a project is open, and attach the resulting zip file (which is saved into the Dorico folder under On My iPad in Files)? Hopefully that will give a clue as to what is going on.

Heya, thanks for getting back to me so quick! I’ll attach the Diagnostic Report below.

Dorico (261.4 KB)

Thanks. I can see a couple of attempts to trigger the download of the sounds in the application logs, and as you describe, it appears that the dialog closed right away without attempting to make the download.

I would suggest removing Dorico from your iPad altogether and reinstalling it, then doing Restore Purchase so that Dorico finds your in-app purchase or subscription, then finally go to Reset Sounds and tap the button to download Iconica Sketch again. A progress spinner should appear while the download is carried out, which depending on your connection speed shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. Don’t background the app during the download.

Before you remove the app from your iPad, make sure that you have backed up any projects that are listed under On My iPad in the Files app, as any Dorico projects that are saved inside the application container will be deleted when you delete the app itself.

I did as you asked and it’s still just doing the same thing.

I’m sorry to hear that. When you look in the General page of Preferences, what does it say next to Iconica Sketch status under Premium Features?

it says “not downloaded” along with a button that says “download” next to it. When I click download it does the same as it does in the “reset sounds” menu–exiting the app.

Thanks for confirming. Can you collect together all the .ips files from your device, zip them up, and attach them here? I’ll need to ask a colleague to take a look and see if we can figure out what’s causing the application to quit when you start the download. (I’ve just tested this again on my own device and it’s all working as expected, so I don’t think there’s a general problem with e.g. the availability of the sounds downloads or anything like that.)

Here you go!

ips (420.7 KB)

In the meantime I’m gonna try resetting my iPad to see if that helps. Let me know if you need anything else from me!

Doing a full reset of my iPad doesn’t seem to have done anything to fix the issue

Also having this problem on a new m4 13” iPad. Tried downloading Iconica Sketch through the Preferences and also in reset sounds and the app quits on click. Will attach a diagnostics file as well

Dorico (49.6 KB)

We’ve just released an updated version of Dorico for iPad, version 5.1.41, that corrects this problem. Please update via the App Store. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


updated the app and working now! Thanks for the quick fix to make this happen!