Dorico-for-iPad Feature Requests

Just so we can start to get all our requests in one place…

First off, I love the new app. Exploring now. That said, I have a major (for me) request: double whole notes. Currently they are missing, even if you try to scroll sideways where the note values are selected.

I would also very much like it if the text field wasn’t automatically activated when you open up layout or engraving options (at least when you don’t have a physical keyboard connected) because then the onscreen keyboard pops up and blocks you from scrolling down the list.


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  1. I don’t need handwriting recognition, but mouselike Apple pencil input and ability to drag notes on staff to change pitch seems necessary!

  2. I appreciate the desktop-level feature richness, but maybe some kind of decluttered “focus mode” for note input would be useful for initial input and sketching. Something more paper-like.

  3. Arbitrary drawing with Apple Pencil (just some kind of annotation overlay).

  4. Piano keyboard should be able to shrink and grow horizontally (not just vertically) to show more or less range at a time. Perhaps Middle C should also be somehow marked (put “C4” label in red?) to help with orientation.

  5. A sharp/flat button would be useful on the above-keyboard menu in addition to “Respell.”

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It was either John or Daniel who mentioned during the live stream but there was nothing particular coded for the Apple Pencil yet, but that will be forthcoming. Apparently it is quite the endeavor to add that particular functionality.

I would love it if when you have the keyboard open for note input, and then you select something (like a special barline) from the right hand panel, if after dismissing the right panel the keyboard popped back up and you could continue note entry.

Also, I miss the tick and short barlines since I do a lot of chant work.

A few of these I mentioned elsewhere already, but I agree a consolidated thread would be useful so reposting here too:

  1. I’m sure this will come with time, but an easier way to specify Engraving Options other than starting with an existing desktop file that has the preferences already specified.

  2. I assume the 12 player limit is a processor/memory issue, but if there was any way to expand it to 18 the iPad version would get a lot more interest in the jazz market as it could accommodate a big band. (Even 16 or 17 would help)

  3. Keycommands for page turns in Read mode so it could be programmed to work with a Bluetooth foot pedal. (Perhaps these already exist and I couldn’t find them.)

  4. A page turn setting in Read mode that would allow for the top half of the page to turn first, then the bottom at a specified amount of time later. This is how the system worked back when I subbed in Harry Connick’s band and it allows the performer to finish reading the line at the bottom of the page, then go and read ahead on to the next page without ever needing to worry about page turns.

  5. A moveable duration keypad so I could dock it near the left hand side, then play the piano keypad with my right hand and hit the duration with my left thumb. This would facilitate use while holding in one hand. Obviously if it was movable someone may want to dock it near the right side if holding the iPad in their right hand.

  6. Easier way to keep iPad and desktop files in sync either via iCloud or something else.

  7. A setting to always have the piano keyboard always sound like a piano sound rather than the sound of the staff that is/was being input in to. Whenever I’m trying to find a voicing or line, the sound of the last instrument I was inputting often doesn’t have much to do with it.

  8. An option to make the piano keyboard default size a program setting, not a project setting.

I’ve also found umpteen times already that a little undo button would be sooooookk welcome.

Undo/redo arrows in upper right are there already

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One way I could see myself using read mode as a composer is to proof read the score and parts.
It would be awesome to be able to make annotations with the pencil in this mode, which would show up as comments which i could either edit on the iPad or my MacBook.


Read mode works great with a foot pedal.

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Great, good to hear! Which one do you use? I haven’t bought one yet, but am definitely considering it.

I have a PageFlip, but any work. They all just send Bluetooth keyboard messages. I’m not sure which ones. Up and down arrows? Pg Up, Pg Down? I would guess most score readers accept several different ones.

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Irig blueturns can send up/down, L/R, or page up/down. There’s a way to program it by turning it on and holding certain combinations of the pedals.

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It does.

Not as far as I can tell. You can make the keys taller/shorter, but not fatter/skinnier. You can scroll octaves, but you can’t get more/fewer keys in range at a time.

You should be able to, using the slider above the keys - the brighter keys indicate the range shown in the panel. You can move each end to increase/reduce the number of keys.


Thanks! Got it now. But not very intuitive… I was trying to pinch to zoom or something like that. Didn’t realize the grey keys were individually manipulable.

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(by the way, I do apologize for sounding so needy on day 1! Again, this is an excellent release! I just want to put these out there before I forget and get used to the quirks.)

I would love it if in future a four finger tap would take you back out of reader mode. Currently you can tap in, but not tap out; I suspect it would be rather difficult to accidentally four-finger tap in the middle of reading the piece. Anything is possible, but it just struck me as odd that it wasn’t a reversible gesture.


For very long and very short note values, you need to use the Notes panel in the left zone, I’m afraid.

I was relieved to discover that they were still accessible when I pressed 9 on my keyboard (which I suspect I’ll use 90% of the time) so it’s ok. I did miss having short and tick barlines though.

Likewise! And apologies for all of us demanding users in general! For some reason Dorico elicits this response, maybe because we’ve suffered for so long with our notation software needs.

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