Dorico-for-iPad Feature Requests

It would be nice to be able to arpeggiate a chord on the keyboard (i.e. press a note and continue holding while pressing more notes) to input a single chord, and then only once all keys have been released will the caret advance. I know I can change the keyboard size to my heart’s content but I like to be able to see a fair chunk of the keyboard without too much faffing about every time I want to switch register. My big hands aren’t very accurate if I have to play all the notes simultaneously.


You can switch to pitch-before-duration input if you prefer, and build up pitches then only input them once you specify the duration?

I had completely forgotten about that input method… thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

I pretty much only use pitch-before-duration, but still really like sidebysidebyside’s request to be able to arpeggiate. If I could arpeggiate the chord and just hold down the correct notes, I would definitely be more accurate. If I hit a wrong note, I could adjust it while still holding the other correct notes, then when everything was correct hit the duration to actually input it.


With the on-screen piano, I’d prefer if notes only triggered when the tap goes down, rather than when the tap is dragged from an adjacent key. It would be easier to arpeggiate notes this way, to hold notes down for the correct duration (when real-time recording), and to avoid spurious additional note inputs.

In addition, perhaps black key entry could be made easier by reserving the entire upper half of the piano touch area to black keys? That is to say, if the white area between black keys is pressed, treat the input as though it were the nearest black key instead. (I would only use the slivers of white to play notes on a real piano, not for entering music into a program.)

Either or both of these would be welcome, even as options!

Probably not going to happen based on Dan’s recent post, but it would be handy if owning a full desktop license would also unlock the full iPad experience.

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Multi tasking support, would be really useful to have up, for example, both the shortcut cheat sheet and the Dorico app simultaneously

Does the iPad have multi-tasking prior to iOS 15?

Yeah, you can dock apps side by side, 15 just gives a widget to make it easier instead of special gestures AFAIK.

I managed to get a bit of a photo super-imposed on the Dorico screen. I had to move it around a bit, but it was just about manageable.

Proper screen-splitting might have consequences for all the panels and icons, though.


Small feature request - share button in the Big Dorico (the desktop app) so that I can easily dump it into little Dorico (iPad version)

Many thanks

It was first introduced in iOS 9 for iPad.

No, we won’t be doing this. Instead we are going to look, in the fullness of time, into proper iCloud support so that you can work on the same project on both iPadOS and macOS and have the app help you to resolve any conflicts that might arise.


Ok - I see why you’re doing that - it’s a slight shame for me, because I tend to avoid using cloud-based services, saving my own NAS Drive. Don’t want the feds to have my stuff! :wink:

It’s very easy to select the dorico desktop doc in the finder and than use share via airdrop. If you receive it on the iPad the doc will automatically open in Dorico…

Perhaps in the future if we have “nearby networking” support in Dorico it might be possible for it to discover other devices running Dorico on the local network and make it possible to send projects to those devices directly; this is certainly something we’re thinking about more broadly in terms of educational applications in any case.


My main future request would be microtonal playback support.

Yes, I know this. It’s still a faff in terms of workflow - I have to get out of the app, go into the finder (yes I know - command click on the file in the title bar and choose the folder below), then find the file in the window, right click, click share, then click airdrop and click ipad. Really annoying in terms of workflow as I am now completely out of the file I was working on. That’s why I mentioned it.

@dspreadbury - that would be fine - kind of like Adobe passing off files from ipad illustrator etc. Not always successful in their implementation and if memory serves they dump it into the Adobe cloud first…

Stumbled upon this forScore blog post on Half-page turns today. I would find a feature like this very helpful when performing from Read mode. I might be wrong, but I don’t think forScore has a time setting for their half-page turns either. A optional setting to auto-flip the bottom half a customizable time (x seconds or something) later would eliminate an extra step, and would also ensure the performer doesn’t space out and forget to flip the bottom half. Obviously the forScore implementation where you touch to flip each half would be great too.

A few specific Engraving Options that I think would make a big difference to have — not sure how to move them fluidly without most of the options but something of a problem not to have on the iPad:

  1. Switching “Tacet al fine” to the number of bars left of rest
  2. Changing Rehearsal Marks project-wide.

Unrelated to Engraving Options, it would be superb if, when adding a player in Setup Mode when using a hardware keyboard, you were able to start typing the name right away. I know this might be tough to implement in such a way that it doesn’t bring up the software keyboard for users without a hardware keyboard, but it’d save tapping the search box for every single player, thus making it a lot faster.