Dorico for iPad Feature Requests

Fantastic app! I’m ditching Notion and Sibelius for Dorico and thought there should be a forum specifically for Dorico for iPad Feature Requests.

Can’t wait to read what ideas other users have for this iPad app.

After spending some time in Notion and Sibelius iPad versions, Dorico is much easier to use and got me as a regular subscriber. This is a most impressive notation app! KUDOS to the Steinberg Team for another great Steinberg product!!

Thanks for your feedback, @Johne1. I’m glad you’re enjoying using Dorico for iPad. Please feel free to post your feature requests right here.

The customary approach is to Tag your thread topic with the Dorico-for-iPad tag…

…as I see either you or Daniel has done.

(I have added the dorico-for-ipad tag to this thread already.)


Thanks, Derek. I’ll start doing that. And, thank you, Daniel, for adding that for me.

I have a feature request. Please make all functions accessible via the menus.
Until now a lot of features are only accessible via keyboard shortcuts. Not everyone ( like me) uses a keyboard. Another feature request is that the standard settings, which you can set in the options, should overwrite the internal score templates,. This is actually not the case and you can’t change the templates at all e.g. for loading xml files.