Dorico for Ipad file saving

I save my Dorico files in a folder …documents/dorico projects on my computer. I wonder if there is a possibility to force Dorico for Ipad 4 to use the same folder for saving.

Sorry, I wanted to say: I save my computer files in icloud/documents/dorico projects and would like Dorico for Ipad to do the same. By default Dorico for Ipad seems to save the files directly in icloud/dorico.

No, you can’t change the default project location in Dorico for iPad. If you’re using iCloud Drive, Dorico will save the projects you create into the folder provided to it by iPadOS.

Thans, daniel,

but I can use the same folder to save my Dorico 4 files in order to work on identical files from both sides?

You can use the same folder, yes, but you won’t be able to create a project on the iPad and have it go to that folder automatically. You’ll need to move it there via the Files app.

Thankyou, Daniel. So one way is to move the files from Dorico for Ipad’s default folder manually. Could I also use that folder to save my files from Dorico (computer version) there?

Yes, provided you see the Dorico folder inside iCloud Drive on your Mac, you can save your projects there.

Thanks, Daniel.

How come the files, I create on my iPad and save by default in iCloud/Dorico, don’t actually show up in iCloud/Dorico? When I can’t see them I can’t use iCloud to sync between the iPad and Windows. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I’ll need more information to be able to assist. If you look in the Files app on your iPad and look inside iCloud Drive and then Dorico, do you see your projects there? If you run Dorico and set the Open Recent page of the Hub to show you projects in iCloud Drive, do you see your projects there?

I see them inside Dorico, in the Recent Projects as well as the iCloud Drive tabs, but not in Files/iCloud/Dorico and not in Explorer on my Windows 11 PC. It is as though they exist but are hidden.

iCloud test: Now you see it, now you don’t :wink:

@dspreadbury Will this annoying bug be fixed in the upcoming 5.1 update?

There are no changes in iCloud file handling in the coming Dorico for iPad update. It’s not clear to me that the behaviour you are seeing is a problem with Dorico for iPad specifically, but rather with iCloud Drive itself.

I’m not entirely convinced by that, because Dorico sync through iCloud has been enabled in Settings and syncing through iCloud seems to work well enough for other apps, but if the problem really should be due to iCloud, syncing through other cloud services, like OneDrive, would be most wellcome. I know I can export/import to/from OneDrive, but that is messy because it creates an extra file each time I import.

Unfortunately, OneDrive itself doesn’t support the necessary file coordinator APIs to make that kind of direct opening behaviour possible (at least the last time we checked).

How about Dropbox, then? Both Scrivener and SafeInCloud use it without issues.

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Yes, in general Dropbox does work OK and you can integrate it with the Files app. The only issue I’m aware of with Dropbox that you need to consider is that if the file has not been downloaded to your device when you try to open it in Dorico, it will fail to be opened. Provided you ensure that the file has been synced to your device before you open it in Dorico, it should work OK.

Whenever I open Scrivener on my iPad/iPhone, if there are un-synced files, it prompts me to sync them. Perhaps an option?

Is there no way to program Dorico on iPad in a way it is done on macOS? If I would like to save or open some file to/from Dropbox, I just set it up. Why just not to allow a user to choose where files can be saved by default and where they can be opened from - without downloading and saving them extra on their iPads.

I think a general idea WHY customers use both platforms macOS and iPadOS is to have a most uncomplicated way to change between these platforms working on ONE SINGLE version of the piece and not every time guessing which one is the right one after you download, edit, save, export, transfer etc. I wish one day it could be solved with one click option…

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My thoughts exactly - except, I use Windows.

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