Dorico for iPad Freezing

Does anyone else get the problem of Dorico on iPad freezing randomly? Usually happens after about 10 minutes or so of working. The iPad itself doesn’t freeze as other apps can still be opened. I can unfreeze Dorico by opening another app and then reopening Dorico, but the changes made to the score since last opening Dorico have gone!

I have the same problem. Since I have not yet figured out how to reproduce it, I have not yet opened a posting on it.

Well the same here. It happens randomly and for no specific reason. It makes iPad version very risky to use tbh.

I have a specific freeze on Dorico For iPad, In the setup menu if I have a fretted instrument and I want to change some characteristics like tuning etc, it freezes as soon as I touch the 3 dots (…) next to the instrument name.

You can Create a Diagnostic Report in Dorico for iPad, under the main menu (in the top right hand corner).
Post the results here, or email it to one of the team.

That’s good to know. But if Dorico has frozen then none of the keys work.

Do it after relaunching Dorico, and it should still contain valid information.

Are you using the Apple Pencil to interact with the app, or your finger? Do you find that the app freezes specifically when interacting with particular UI elements? If so, which ones?

Next time it occurs, try touching the three dots in the middle of the top of the display that allow you to set up Split View: you don’t need to actually create a split; just the action of starting the gesture might be enough to make Dorico spring back into life.

Interesting, it seems to be the Apple Pencil in my case, doesn’t freeze with a finger touch!
Dorico (270.5 KB)

I can confirm this. I have had it freeze in Setup mode when using the pencil. As soon as I use my finger it springs back to life and then I can use the pencil again - until it freezes again.

Spoke too soon about it not freezing today!!! It simply froze whilst inserting an accidental! The CLicking the three dots to enable a split screen made no difference - still frozen. Only way to unfreeze it was to close the app.
Diagnostics file attached. It doesn’t show any crashes - because it didn’t crash I suppose! Just froze.

Dorico (328 KB)

I’m using a mix of pencil and finger. There’s no real definitive action that freezes Dorico. It happens randomly. Always after I’ve been using it for about 20 minutes or so. Having said that, it hasn’t frozen today! Desktop version works perfectly though :slight_smile:

I stopped using it- way too buggy

Welcome to the forum, @adambd. I’m sorry to hear that you have had a lot of problems with Dorico for iPad. Can you say any more about the kinds of problems you ran into?

iPad version was only freezing, for me, when Magic Keyboard was attached. Has this been addressed in latest update? If not then I’ll not risk using iPad!

I have the same issue with Dorico on IPad ( latest version) . Dorico freezes very often on my device. It happens after few minutes of editing or playing back a score.
I’ m not using the Apple pencil and it’s not a specific function, which causes the freezing. Just doing anything and suddenly Dorico freezes. The playback can go on, but otherwise nothing responds anymore. I have to restart the app and then it works fine until the next freezing.

Ah………glad to see it’s not just me!
I can’t risk using the iPad as freezing loses all work. I won’t be renewing subscription to iPad version whilst this continues. It’s been a long time since I first mentioned the problem……

Have you tried using all midi instruments and no iconica? If so does it freeze with only the gm instruments? At a slower tempo just to test if it freezes? With fewer tracks?
I have an old ipad pro 10.5 that behaves the way you describe. All piano keys stay lit but the music plays on, right?
I have a new m1 ipad (16gb ram) that never behaves the way you describe.

Sounds like not enough ram for the load, but ymmv.

It doesn’t freeze if I use it without the Magic Keyboard…I believe there’s plenty of RAM. It’s the latest iPad

Also…….it freezes when entering material into the score and not on playback.