Dorico for ipad, ghost notes

I own the full version of Dorico which I use on my mac primarily for drum transcriptions, given that it is also available for ipad I thought its free version would be a good alternative for when I am on the go also considering that the 2/4 instrument limit is not an issue for this, however I cannot seem to figure out a way to input ghost notes: is it something that is available only in the “full” version of the app? Ghost notes not being available obviously are a significant limiter when it comes to drum parts, which of course might be a conscious choice to push people towards buying the full application of course, but I thought I’d ask in case I am missing something obvious.

Welcome to the forum, @MarcoM. I believe you should be able to make a ghost note by opening the lower zone, switching to the Properties panel, and activating the Bracket style property.

Thanks a lot, in a facepalm moment thanks to your comment I realized that the lower zone can scroll left/right so there are more properties than what I was first seeing, including the said bracket style property. Thanks again!