Dorico for iPad hangs in tuning dropdown

Hi Folks,
Just getting started with Dorico but I notice that it hangs when I am trying to pick an alternative tuning. It sometimes works, sometimes does not.
Anyone noticed the same? I’m using the latest version.

Do you mean the guitar fretboard tuning? I haven’t tried this before, but it seems to work OK on my 2015 iPad 12.9" - sometimes I have to try it twice, or it takes a long time, but it hasn’t crashed so far.

If you’re talking about alternative tuning systems, like microtonality, microtones don’t playback yet in the iPad version, but I can see them when I import existing scores. As far as I can tell, the Tonality Systems section isn’t yet implemented in the Key Signatures, Tonality Systems, and Accidentals panel.

Hi Stephen,

Yes, I mean the top-right dropdown for selecting alternative tunings after selecting „Edit strings/tunings“. It seems to work occasionally but not always. It just hangs, nothing happens, and I just pop out of Dorico and then come back and all is well again.

I‘ve given up trying to do a set of tunings for Irish Bouzouki anyway, since you can‘t define new instruments and I don‘t want to have to do this for every new project.

Bit lacking in customisation and very quirky in other ways (you can‘t simply copy a project but have to export it to a folder…) but otherwise really powerful, esp. for chord diagrams.

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Thanks for your feedback, @mikaB. I find that sometimes the menu doesn’t appear when you tap it, but if you tap outside it and then tap it again, it always appears at that point. We’ll look into what might be causing that and see if we can tighten it up in future.

Thanks @dspreadbury, I’ll give that a try, although my Dorico does seem to just hang whatever I do…
But thanks for a great app.
Is there anywhere to suggest features for a later version? I‘d really to define my own instrument (as in the Irish Bouzouki I play) and custom chord diagram libraries would be fantastic.
But Dorico right now is the absolute best for lead sheets on any platform…

You can make your feature suggestions right here on this forum. I (and others in the development team) read every post on the forum and take note of every request we read here.