Dorico for iPad Help

hi there, where do i find help for Dorico for iPad v2.5.11? I have found only something for v1.x.x

Do you mean a user guide? Because if you need help, you might as well ask for it here, and you’ll be helped!

The Dorico for iPad Operation Manual is listed under version 1 because there’s no need to have different versions of the documentation as the app is free. So the only published version is also the most up-to-date version. If you need any specific help, as Marc says, please just ask.

hi there and thank you for your replies. yes I do look for user guide, or operation manual.

@dspreadbury how is dorico free? i have just paid CHF 39 for annual license. would be great to have documentation which is uptodate.

Dorico for iPad is free to download and use with a feature set comparable to the free Dorico SE application for macOS and Windows. Just as you can choose to buy Dorico Elements or Dorico Pro on macOS and Windows if you need more functionality, you can likewise choose to buy an in-app subscription or Lifetime Unlock in Dorico for iPad if you need more functionality than that provided by the free version.

Since you’ve paid for additional stuff, you’re running the Dorico for iPad version that is close to Dorico Elements. So if you find the documentation for Dorico for iPad doesn’t cover the topic you need, either search the Dorico Elements documentation or (more straightforward) ask here!