Dorico for iPad How to reposition Tempo in score?

The Tempo is in the way of inputting the first chord in bar 1. I’ve selected the quarter note = bpm symbol but I’m unable to get it to move. I’m a Dorico newbie and no doubt this is real simple. Someone please tell me how to remedy this. Thanks.

Do you want to move the tempo as in increase or decrease it, or move it to a new rhythmic position?

If you want to increase or decrease it, you can double-tap the tempo to show the popover, then use the on-screen keyboard (or an external keyboard if you have one) to edit the tempo value, then hit Return to confirm your edit.

If you want to move it to a new rhythmic position, you should be able to tap on it once to select it so that it goes orange, then drag it with your finger.

Move left rhythmically. I did select it and it turned orange with a line going down towards the 1st note in the score. I could not get it to move, but maybe I was only using my Apple Pencil. I’ll try again with my finger and see if I was using the wrong “device”.

The problem is, it will only move to the right not the left. Instead, it jumps down to the same position in the staff below. I dragged it back up and it insists on ONLY moving right. Impossible to get it above the Treble Clef.

Ah, I see. To move it graphically without changing its rhythmic position, drag it in Engrave mode.

Thank you! My first time in Engrave mode, but that did the trick and that’s where I saw guidelines. I’ve been wondering how to get all my chord symbols to line up in a straight horizontal line if I want to move them, and I think you just gave me the answer to that question, too.

Dorico is so much more fun to use than the others I’ve tried. Changing key signature mid-staff and Dorico automatically prefixes the new key with double bar lines. I was looking for a book of notation rules and such, for reference. Looks like Dorico has all the rules built-in. Did I mention that I subscribed because this app is so impressive? I’m telling my Sibelius friends that they really should take Dorico for a spin. Thank you for the quick response and great Support!

Chord symbols should be aligned in a row across the system by default, but you might find that you want to nudge them a bit if they extend far above or below the baseline.