Dorico for iPad Hub: Duplicate and Select Multiple

In Big Dorico, we can open a file and use File>Save as… to make a duplicate. If you already have your own templates for sight reading exercises, scale pattern studies, or worksheets, using File>Save as… saves lots of time. Version 1 of Dorico for iPad doesn’t seem to have this.

In the ellipsis for each file in the Hub of Wee Dorico, is it possible to include a “Duplicate” option, please?

Also, if like me you’ve created lots of random files as you’ve been trying out Dorico for iPad, and you want to start deleting them, it would be great to have the option to select multiple files and delete them in one go (I was astonished at how many new Dorico files I’d created, and embarrassed at how poor the musical content was).

Once again, thanks to the Dorico team for this excellent app.

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You can perform all these file operations in the Files app. Just go to On my iPad > Dorico. There you’ll find all files copied by Dorico, and you can duplicate an delete any of those files. When you reopen Dorico, they will be there.


Yes, we’re loathe to duplicate too much of the functionality of the Files app directly in the Hub. I would certainly recommend you try working in the Files app for these kinds of operations, but please let us know if you run into any practical problems doing so.

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Hi @lucas_r_r and @dspreadbury ,

Thanks for your replies. I hadn’t updated to ipadOS 14.7.1 - I think the update only appeared this morning - so when I looked at my Files>On My iPad all I saw was this:

After I installed the update to iPadOS I saw my Dorico files:

I’m enrolled in the Apple Beta Programme, but hadn’t installed the profile on my new iPad; I might do that now and take advantage of those new features.

Having listened to your interview on the Scoring Notes podcast, Daniel, I can understand - in my very limited non-software engineer way - why file management for Dorico on the iPad isn’t straightforward. Not being able to duplicate files from within the Hub is not a problem; just thought it would be an easier workflow to do this in-app.

Thanks again for your support. If my broadband supplier gave this level of help I’d give them five stars.