Dorico for ipad jump to a page function

the manual and online support for dorico for ipad says that one uses the ctrl key to help create the jump to bar function. where is the control key on the ipad version?
making my way through all of the icons on ipad but it is tedious. great, great app on ipad. but this is confusing.

Hi @bbeerma, if you have an external keyboard attached to your iPad, you can press Cmd-G to access the Go to Bar dialog, but I suspect it’s not possible to access without an external keyboard.

yes, I suspected that was the answer. easy enough to get to flows and then find something, but some flows can be quite large. it’s a new up and I have to transfer the ipad file to the desktop to edit something on several occasions. great app when away from my desktop or even the laptop, but, it’s young. it’s like looking at a new toddler and imagining its amazing future. I am not sure that the numbers allow that I will be here to see it. thanks for responding.