Dorico for iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

On a 2021 iPad Pro just upgraded to iOS 16.2 it seems the “Command” key short cuts are no longer available. Am I imagining it I’m sure I could hit command “G” to jump to a particular bar? It just brings an “Edit” dialogue box now.

Command-G is indeed the shortcut for the Go To Bar dialog. Perhaps you’re thinking of the jump bar, which is just J on its own, and which allows you to type e.g. b24 to go to bar 24 (once you have tapped the Go To tab in the little jump bar window).

Thank you, helpful, but it still doesn’t solve the mystery of why Command-G has stopped working.

I don’t know: it still works fine here! Have you customised any shortcuts yourself in the Key Commands page of Preferences?

No I have never made any custom shortcuts. Was working iPad OS 15.7.1 stopped working iPad OS 16.2

I’m running iPadOS 16.2 myself, and it’s working OK here. What kind of keyboard do you have connected to your iPad? Is it an Apple Magic Keyboard or a third-party one? Do any other Command-modifier shortcuts work? E.g. does Command-X for Cut work?

It’s a 3rd party iPad specific Bluetooth keyboard with track pad. Yes, Command-X works for Cut.

Which language have you set? There were issues reported with the jump bar shortcuts in German languages on the desktop.

Language is set to English

Very curious. If you look in the Key Commands page in Preferences and search for “go to” in the little search bar at the top of the middle list, then choose Go to Bar, do you see the expected shortcut shown in the list of shortcuts on the right?

Hmm well that’s strange. It shows the shortcuts as Meta+1 and Meta+2, that’s never going to work. Don’t those select between setup and write modes? I never changed anything. Just tried the reset key commands, no change!

Those are the jump bar shortcuts, I think. The one you’re looking for is in the Edit category and appears as Go To Bar….

Ah sorry, it show as Ctrl+G

That’s OK, because Qt applications display “Ctrl” instead of “Command” on iPad. So the shortcut is correct, at least. Are you able to access the Go to Bar dialog if you type “go to bar” into the jump bar?

Yes the go to bar is accessible. I’m wondering if it could be something in the iPad OS keyboard settings that is intercepting Command+G, since other Command shortcuts are working.

Perhaps so. I don’t have any experience of doing this myself, but it appears you can adjust the global shortcuts: