Dorico for Ipad lost my weekend's work

So, I just updated Dorico for iPad on Friday or so, June 10. I was working and saving away. I sometimes increase the version number. I tried saving it to my iCloud desktop but that option is not available anymore. I don’t have email on my iPad, so I tried texting it to myself. That file either never arrived or was unrecognizable to never appeared. I got home, opened Dorico, wouldn’t open. My quickdraw son said, we need to reinstall the app. Well, I guess that wiped out all my work. However, I still don’t see the ability to save a file to the iPad desktop anymore. Where did it go?
Also, I swear I paid the fee. How do I confirm?

Sorry to hear you had this problem. I expect that your work is not actually lost, but only that the Dorico folder doesn’t appear in your iCloud Drive, so you can’t see the project in the Files app.

You should find that your file can be found by looking inside the hidden folder via the Terminal app on your Mac. Run Terminal via Spotlight, then at the command line paste the following command:

cd ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~com~steinberg~iosdorico/

and hit Return. Then type:


and hit Return. You should see the name of your project there. Let’s assume your project is called My Project.dorico. You can now type:

cp "My Project.dorico" ~/Desktop

and hit Return. This will copy the project file My Project.dorico to the desktop on your Mac.


What Mac os is your programmer using at the moment for latest Dorico version?

By the way, no file there, but might come in handy in future.

We use a variety of different versions of macOS to develop and build Dorico.

To avoid the risk of losing any work when you reinstall the app in future, before you trash the app, go into the Files app on your iPad and check under On this iPad for any projects inside the Dorico folder: those projects are actually stored inside the Dorico application container and will be deleted when you delete the app. So any projects in there that you want to keep need to be copied somewhere else before you delete the app.

Hello Daniel,
I ask about OS because I usually use Dorico on my Mac, not my iPad, and I get a lot of crashes, so I thought maybe if I updated my operating system that would help. I have been putting that off. I think the rouble starts when I decide to change the project name in order to make a new version for saving. Like, I will say Symphony_V1, then sometime later save as Symphony_V2. Also, after doing something like saving Audio, I just know that when I try to print the score it will crash. I include a file here. Another trigger, if I listen to my audio outside of Dorico, then come back to Dorico, I can loose sound, and can have a crash in the process of trying to get sound back… If anyone is using Mojave 10.14.6, it would be interesting to know, because perhaps this is older than anything you are using and sometimes I am told it is not Dorico but the Mac that caused the crash.
Dorico (1.5 MB)

I currently use that OS on a Mac mini intel i5 2014 and I don’t had no problems so far, I have dorico pro on the latest version.

@janDol, the crashes you’ve been experiencing are the same ones that a number of Mac users have been experiencing recently, which are related to a crash deep in the Qt application framework that Dorico is built upon when updating menus and shortcuts after each edit. Sometimes, under circumstances that we have as yet been unable to pin down, this causes a crash. We are still working to understand what is happening here, but because we have been unable to reproduce the problem internally we are somewhat stuck when it comes to fixing it. But we continue to work on it.

Thanks! So, for all of you out there that refuse to give up on the Spitfire Dorico combo, here is what I found works.

  1. make sure Dorico asks you if you want to activate audio upon opening projects in preferences.
  2. After a heavy editing session, save. If you really want a crash, save it to a new name at some point, but if not, save to save file name.
  3. Make your audio file. DO NOT PRINT at this point. I guarantee a crash at this point if you do.
  4. Quit Dorico. Will take a few.
  5. Open project again, without activating audio. I have never seen Dorico crash when there is no audio.
  6. Condense and print.
  7. If you want to work some more, push the blue button and audio returns. Good luck!

Sorry, number two should be save to SAME file name, just save, no “Save As”. I find that starts the problems. Maybe all of this gives some clues as to where the problems are. I will try this with just Halion, because that also has problems, and see if the same sequence causes crashes, and maybe this will help find bugs?

Here is a project where I DID NOT use Spitfire. I just used the stock Halion stuff. I worked a while. I exported Audio. Then, when pressing the print button to get to the print module, crash. Should be reproducible.
Dorico (2.5 MB)

Thanks for the updated diagnostics. Unfortunately none of these recipes are reproducible: if you do the same steps again yourself you’ll find that Dorico doesn’t crash in the same way. But we continue to chase this bug down and I hope we will get to the bottom of it soon.

Hello Daniel,
This one is simply to open one of your jazz templates. with sound activated. Then open a second project with sound activated. All your sounds, no BBCSO. It all seems to do with whether you have sound on. You can go a long time without a crash with no sound.
If this crash is not helpful, I will stop sending them. Let me know.

Dorico (1.1 MB)