Dorico for iPad needs more for note entry!

I used to record directly chords in some notation software ( Notion) for exemple, from the apps on my ipad in record mode I can capture all the notes or the chord straight foreword and it’s a very big workflow. I’m stunned that with the power and finess of Dorico I can only use a MIDI keyboard???

Welcome to the forum, @Kokouart. I’m not completely sure what you’re asking for: are you saying that you can run an app other than Notion, play chords etc. in those apps, and then those notes would appear in Notion? Which apps are you referring to?

Are you talking about the ability to play chords on your MIDI keyboard to enter them (in step time)

or are you trying to input chords from a MIDI keyboard in real time?

Hi @dspreadbury, No. no problem with the MIDI keyboard input…

So « Suggester » for example in split mode I can play the chords and record them in notation directly by touching ´record button ´ in Notion!

Right, it’s a kind of inter-application MIDI recording, I guess? I’ll look into this when I get a chance.

Here would be two interesting possibilities. There’s the inter-app midi option - plugging AUM for instance into Dorico.

Within Dorico There could be MIDI processing AUv3s taking the MIDI and transforming it before being recorded. These MIDI processors can generate arpeggiation as well as other kinds of pattern generation.