Dorico for IPad - not comfortable yet

Hey everyone!
i was thinking about purchasing Dorico for iPad. But I’m really not comfortable with it. I wanted to know, if there is a way to put in notes (or general edit in write mode) by using the pencil (not by drawing them in, but instead by using the pencil like a computer mouse).
If not, are there any plans to implement that?
Also: can we use other libraries than the stock library?

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You can’t use the pencil to tap in notes on the staff in Dorico for iPad at the moment: note input is only possible via the on-screen Keyboard, Drum Pad or Fretboard panels, or using a MIDI keyboard or attached (e.g. Bluetooth) hardware keyboard. We would like to enable input via Apple Pencil (as pointing device, rather than handwriting device) in future, but we don’t have a timeline for that right now.


Thank you for the reply