Dorico for iPad - please make it touch friendly

I’m running an experiment where I’m using iPad as my only computer (works surprisingly well!).

I don’t expect Dorico to do handwriting recognition (yet… user expectations are changing fast!), but tapping on the staff and have it pan by default instead of starting a selection (which to me at least is naturally expected) is creating unwanted friction between the user and the machine. Same goes for note input etc… I know, it’s not a trivial task to adapt from mouse to touch/pen, but please start looking into it.

That said, drawing automation with the pencil is great!

You should find that you can pan around the score with your finger easily on the iPad version, provided you touch on an area of blank “paper”.

I certainly agree that there is more to do for us to improve the touch-friendliness of Dorico for iPad, some of which has to wait until we can move up to the latest version of the Qt framework, which has an overhauled and unified way of handling input events that will make it much easier for us to tell whether the input came from a finger, the Pencil, the Magic Trackpad, etc.


Sorry if I was not clear - I want the opposite.

In the analog world, what do you expect out of piece of paper when you put pencil on it? Certainly not to pan it around (most of the time)!

I would expect that putting a pencil / finger on the “paper” would start the selection tool.

Yes, that’s what I mean, too. Right now we can’t easily tell the difference between your finger and the Apple Pencil in all circumstances. Once we are using the latest APIs, that will be easier, which will allow us to make that kind of differentiation.


I second this. I miss two-finger tap for undo. It’s quite a common gesture in other apps.