Dorico for iPad reporting that file has been modified unexpectedly

Guys, I confess that it is complicated to work here with Dorico several bugs appearing, this time it is this message all the time appearing here and having to restart the project in 1min in 1min constant!

In the future, would you be able to describe the problem or question you have in the Subject line rather than simply asking for help?
That would really help the rest of us understand what we are dealing with when we open or revisit your post.

Thank you.

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Olá @Cristiano
I have encountered this problem some times, but I don’t know the solution. I asume you don’t have another device, like a computer, interfering with the file.
Is the file on iCloud, Dropbox or just local?
Is your connection reliable? (to discard sync issues because of that)

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Is there anything wrong with the post? So far I haven’t understood what you really mean!

It looks like iCloud is constantly changing the file you’re working on, for whatever reason. Dorico detects that the file has changed on disk and is asking if it should reload the file to reflect these external changes. So this isn’t a bug, it’s what Dorico should be doing in order to make you aware of possible data loss…

As for the critique of your question: A question title like “Error message: File has changed on disk” would be more useful than simply “Help”…

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When all you put in your subject line is “Help” (Ajuda?), those perusing the thread listing do not know the sort of help you need. If you can give a brief description of your question or the sort of help you need, those who think they can help may read your post rather than passing over it.

Take a look at the other thread titles, and I think you will see what I mean.

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Ahh yes, I get it now! I’m sorry for the lack of knowledge here in this forum, I confess that I’m learning little by little, Thank you!

Is there any way to end this message?

I’m travelling and don’t have my iPad with me, but I wonder whether the option Warn when open project is updated outside Dorico, moved or deleted is shown in the Files page of Preferences? If it is, perhaps try turning that off.

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