Dorico for ipad – some AUv3 fail

Some AUs don‘t play along with Dorico – they seem to get unloaded when Dorico tries to use them. I‘ve observed this with PureAcid and sEGments. Korg module works as expected.

SEgments works with cubasis 3, I have not tried PureAcid.

Ps: I‘m trying to implement this trick on iPad, that‘s why i bough sEGments. Does anyone know of sampler that works with Dorico for iPad?

Thanks for reporting this, @J.K. We’ll get in touch with the developers of PureAcid and sEGments and see if we can get hold of their AUs so we can take a look and see what might be going wrong.

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sEGments seems to work if I disable MIDI Out in the plugin settings!

Maybe midi out generates some kind of loopback which is causing the problem?

Yes, that’s a good idea to check – on the Play page of Preferences, make sure that you don’t have the MIDI output of the plug-in selected as an input device.