Dorico for iPad, some minor bugs

With my long train journey today, Dorico for iPad couldn’t have arrived at a better time. And it is beautiful. I can’t believe how fully-featured it is, or how elegant and easy it is to pick up, as an existing Dorico user. Kudos and thanks to the team!

After a few hours of use, I have run into a few small bugs so far, which I will mention here in case they haven’t already been noted by the team.

  • By default, iOS replaces multiple hyphens - - with a single em dash —. This means that any mid-word melisma across more than two notes is impossible to enter without elaborate workarounds, because Dorico (or iOS I suppose) replaces whatever syllable was first typed with an em dash.
  • Autocorrect should be disabled for individual lyric syllables (otherwise iOS tries to correct them as if they were whole words).
  • I can’t work out how to scroll through the font drop-down in the Preferences dialogue, meaning I can’t access any font except those starting with the letter A. Also, typing a letter when that drop-down is open should jump to the appropriate point in the list, but instead it searches the whole dialogue as if the drop-down wasn’t open.
  • On the start screen, I can’t reliably tap the little menu icon (hamburger button) on individual files. At least on my iPad, the target is too small for my finger. About half the time, I accidentally open the file instead.
  • The Dorico logo on the start screen is low-res.

Please keep up the excellent work on this product and continue to support it — for me it has the potential to be nearly as much as a game-changer as Dorico itself was.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback. These things are on our radar.


If you have an external qwerty kb attached, you can hyphen the first time and then use the right ARROW key to continue moving forward to the next syllable. The auto-correct thing is indeed very annoying, however, and as another user pointed out yesterday, you can go into ios system settings and disable that feature (if only while working in Dorico) if necessary, at least until the program is patched.

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The auto-correct thing is the first thing to disable (at least in French) if you know how to write…

Yes, well, I find it extremely helpful with the fast on-screen keyboard, and extremely unhelpful when using a hardware keyboard — but I think my touch-typing is reliable enough that i tend to keep it enabled, as I gain more than I lose. Except now with Dorico. Let’s see.