Dorico for ipad, start hairpin key command

I can’t find the key command for hairpin from Dorico for ipad.

On my external keyboard, I would like to use that button as an escape key, but it is assigned to a hairpin and I can’t find that in preferences, key commands.

I think this is missing from the key commands for dorico for ipad:

But actually I can’t get escape key to function with any key command… Is this a known limitation?

My keyboard looks like this:

A few things here:
The button in the top left corner isn’t Escape. The picture on it would suggest that it’s the Hide Invisibles key, or at least it would be if the keyboard was setup as English within the iPad’s own settings and if Dorico was set to use its own English shortcuts.
The keyboard shortcut for inputting an up (cresc.) hairpin is Shift-, (comma), at least in Dorico’s English shortcuts, but I find that I can certainly assign Shift-, to Note Input > Stop Note Input, which is what I’m guessing you want.

All that said, it might just be that you’re trying to assign that key to the wrong function. See Key command UI>Escape doesn’t work for any key that is not the system-wide Esc key - #2 by dspreadbury for instance.

Thank you!

You were right, ”stop note input” was what I actually needed. And now it is assigned to that corner key.

Was it so that sequential key commands don’t work on ipad?

I was trying to assing ”shift + F, L”
for filter lyrics, but that didn’t seem to work

Cmd-F, L works here (though displays as Ctrl-F, L - and you need to do it quickly or you risk filtering the Preferences dialog).

I wouldn’t expect Shift-F to work as the first part of a two-part key command, given it’s the command for invoking the Fingering popover.

Thank you again!

Perhaps it will start working for me if I remove the key command for fingerings. I think I did that on mac!

And Frame Breaks, too?

Haha, it seems that it was after all a good thing that you cannot input system and frame breaks in write mode :grinning:

But perhaps I remember incorrectly and I too had filtering assigned to (cmd + F, X) on mac

I confirm that removing key command for inputting fingerings solved the problem.

Thank you for the help on more time!