Dorico for Ipad stemming and grouping

I have tried multiple settings on the notation and layout options pages but I can not seem to de stem an eight note from these sixteenths, (for context the measure is in 5/4 and I just want it to look like an eight note separate from the beat 3.

Have you tried defining your time signature as [3+3+2+2]/8 and hiding the time signature to have the measure enforce the style of 10/8 groupings you want?

Of course you could also select the eighth note in question and use the context menu to separate the beaming.

To know which would be more efficient, we would have to see more of the music you are working on.

Hi Val, and welcome to the forum!

If I understand you correctly, you want to un-beam the first eighth note from the others? You could select the first 16th and choose Break Beam. Or select the eighth note and choose Make Unbeamed. See the User Guide for more info.