Dorico for Ipad Templates

First off - can I say how much I am enjoying using the app. Makes me smile each time I open it and use it - not sure I can say that with many apps especially those which are ‘versions’ of software of pc/mac.

Also brilliant that you have responded so quickly to the users comments about the number of players.

I started by using the Film Orchestra Template on the original version and its great for sketching things out without things initially becoming a bit overwhelming on the IPad screen - I did want a piano in as well - but it seemed a bit petty to ask for one extra player - plus also unlucky 13… so I swopped the timpani for a piano.

I have just updated to the unlimited players version and thought great - I’ll just open up the film orch template and add in piano - I opened it and was blown away by the fact it is now the full thing - inc two pianos etc

But is there a way I can create my own smaller sketch template based on the original plus a piano - and save that as template with the factory templates?

Or is the there a work round where I can save a new versions of my original and so use that as a sort of template - If so - how do you do it because I had a go and cannot work it out -

Will save me creating a new one each time.

Sorry if this is obvious.


No, but you can create your own ‘ensembles’ in the add ensemble dialog. Just click the Build tab.

Brilliant - Thanks -

@Craig_F re-awakening this thread - we really need a way to create templates - even perhaps on the desktop version. I am unable to edit instrument / players names, it freezes Dorico. Without templates I cannot create a setup with the correct names etc. I hope this feature will be coming eventually!

I’m sure the iPad version will get more stable. A new version should be released soon as Dorico 4 will be here soon. User defined Templates are an oft requested feature and I believe the Dorico team has plans for this.

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