Dorico for iPad to Mac: This project was created in a later version of Dorico

When I imported a Dorico file, which had been edited on the iPad, the Dorico App for Mac welcomed me with this window:
“This project was created in a later version of Dorico…”
I run Dorico for Mac Version and Dorico iPad version
I went to the dreaded Download Assistant and it seems to me that I have the latest version.

This is normal - the iPad version is more recent and incorporates some parts of the desktop Dorico 4, which is still in progress.

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Thank you! I run the Steinberg Download Assistant and had to update it, I am not too keen on updating, I have read that some users had problems with the Steinberg system.

If you search the internet, you will find that nothing works. Someone has a problem with everything. Photoshop, Word, Windows, MacOS. Dorico, Sibelius. Printing. Displays. None of it works, and no one can do anything.

However, most of these problems only occur for a small number of people, and are the result of particular circumstances; can often be fixed locally; and may be stories from the past, whose causes have long since disappeared.

And if anything is going to fix it: updating will!


Nothing works, and not only computer wise! I am just a little bit frightened of the Steinberg interface, it’s like “in the way”, other apps have their own update button and that’s it. Anyway I have seen that the forum had been very quick at offering help and that is a big point.