Dorico for iPad unusable

I normally use the computer when working with Dorico. I load and save files through Dropbox. This works seamlessly when moving from computer to computer. However, recently I tried the same thing incorporating my iPad Pro. (I have paid for the full lifetime iPad version.) Now nothing works. The programme freezes, you have to uninstall Dorico on the iPad and reinstall, files are at risk or lost, confusion reigns. Does the team have solution for this? As it stands the iPad version of the programme is unusable and not fit for purpose.

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I’ve had similar problems with files “imported through Dropbox”
I couldn’t save the iPad version later, it would keep on sending me the same error message, and I couldn’t even export to a Dorico file (which is the closest thing I found to “save as”), still the same error message. I had to redo all these corrections on my desktop.
I hope this will be resolved, or that a simple and proper workflow to work with those files will be published :crossed_fingers:
All in all, I am pretty impressed with Dorico for iPad, especially now that I have a magic keyboard… I only miss my shortcuts :wink:

We are working on these issues, Bill. Dropbox and OneDrive have some, shall we say, quirks that make working with projects stored in those locations quite tricky. We have a build available via TestFlight that should at least resolve the problem whereby you get an error shortly after opening a project from a cloud folder that tells you that it cannot write or save the file. If you’d like to try it out, please send me a private message including the email address you use for your Apple ID and I’ll add you to our TestFlight team.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the quick response. I’d be happy to try the TestFlight solution.

You should have received an invitation by email from TestFlight. Let me know if you don’t get it.

Hi Daniel, I am using Synology Drive to synchronise between Windows (Synology NAS) and iPad (lifetime) , same issues lately. Interestingly it worked before last the 4.2 update, I think. Could you check this one , too. Thank you, Jarek

There has been some previous discussion of the Synology app and Dorico for iPad, here:

Is it possible to get the TestFlight invitation too?

…white window when opening file from OneDrive on iPad…


Yes, if you send me a private message with the email address you use for your Apple ID, I will send you a TestFlight invitation.

I would like a link to install the TestFlight beta version also.
I purchased the lifetime update also over the recent sale. But I am attempting to launch files from dropbox but I’m experiencing lockup of Dorico And even got to the point where I had to uninstall and reinstall to work out from the iPad because it would open at all. I tried updating theDrpbox .Dorico files to the latest version of Dorico for Mac thinking it might be trying to update the file to a newer version in the process of opening it but the result was the same.