Dorico for iPad with NI M32

It’s possible to plug an M32 into an iPad Air 4 via a USB to USB C adapter - works a treat. I guess any iPad with a USB C port will work equally well.

I had the same idea, just s week ago…
How do you define the Note values, when inputting via Midi keyboard?

You still have to specify which type of note via the iPad, but just entering the notes (especially chords) is much easier with the MT32.

I’ve been experimenting with the MIDI learn features. The rotary knobs can be assigned, but none of the buttons (eg Play, Stop etc).

Even though the Mod wheel info is transmitted, I can’t make Dorico respond to it. Instruments do respond to pitch bend, but the data can’t be recorded.

It would be great if Dorico could implement the new Cubase 12 functionality for control surfaces - maybe in some future version, fingers crossed.

Overall though, being able to use the MT32 with an iPad is very useful, especially when it’s impractical to drag a laptop around.

Here’s my iPad (6?) with an Akai LPK25, via a USB3 > Lightning adaptor. There’s another port on the adaptor for a Lightning cable so you can keep it powered. (Some peripherals won’t work off the iPad’s battery alone, e.g. a USB keyboard.)

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