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Hello, Dorico Community!

I’m a 72 yo musician/arranger and a 20 year Finale user. During the 2 years that they decided to edit out of my life, I decided to move my music from Microsoft into the Apple world (iPad). One of my favorite arrangers for Brass Quintets recently switched from Sibelius to Dorico, so I checked it out and subscribed (waiting for a sale on the “Lifetime” purchase).
I tried a search here for “Enharmonic Spelling” on the iPad and in the User’s Manual for the older iOS version. I’m using a Logitech PC/Apple QWERTY keyboard and a MIDI keyboard for note entry. The Hot Key combo mentioned in the manual (ALT±/ALT+=) does work on my keyboard (it brings up a non-Dorico menu). I did manage to find the correct key combination, BTW. The manual states that there is a Write Menu icon that will change the spelling, but I can’t locate it on my iPad (2018 iPad Pro 11).
Can anyone help this old dinosaur?

Thanks much!

Welcome to the Forum,
In the lower zone with the keyboard selected, You will see the „respell“ icons.

Thank you, Rafael!

I was using the MIDI keyboard and had that view closed!


Hi @Douglas_Sherbert , here are a couple of hints in case they help you when using the manual in future: list items that mention a button should include a reference to where that button is located in the sentence. If you’re not sure what or where that location is, look at the bottom of the page for related links: there should generally be a link to the page that tells you more about the location, including a sentence about where to find it in Dorico.

E.g. for Respelling notes, the button options start with “In the Keyboard panel toolbar”.

Here, we’ve got an example of where there isn’t a link to the relevant panel (so I will add one), but what you could also do is search the manual for “Keyboard panel” which would take you to this page: it tells you the Keyboard panel is in the lower zone, then includes info about how to hide/show the lower zone and which option to pick in the top left to show the Keyboard panel (with a picture of the Keyboard button).

Thanks, Lillie!

Using Old habits (Finale), I using my MIDI keyboard and was editing in a “full screen” setting (thinking I didn’t need the on-screen keyboard. Rafael reminded me that many of the necessary editing functions are on that screen. So far, I’m really liking Dorico. I just need to over-write my Finale memory. :wink:

Is there a PDF Manual for v2 of Dorico available.



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That’s the latest published version (AFAIK).

Thank you, Derrek!


An updated iPad manual will come in due course.

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Thank you, Lillie!