Dorico freeze after sleep


Dorico freezes very often after living it for 6 hours or so,
and even after Force Quit, it won’t turn on properly.
I need to restart my computer.

I use a Macbook Pro 2021 Monterey 12.5.1
with an iPad as a second monitor.

When that happens again, please open the Activity Monitor. Then search for and highlight the VSTAudioEngine process and click on the little i-icon at the top of the Activity Monitor window and from the pop-up menu choose Sample Process . Follow the on-screen instructions and post the resulting file to a reply here. And please do the same for the Dorico process as well. Thanks.
I hope that in those sample files I can see a certain known pattern, because we have a fix for that which will come out with the next Dorico update.


Thank you,
it’s happened again today after closing my computer for 5 hours.

Activity (71.8 KB)

Perhaps the OS is hinting that you should exit Dorico rather than leaving it open when the computer will go to sleep.

Thanks for the data, @cellicello .
Unfortunately I don’t see that pattern that I was hoping to see, so at the moment I don’t have a clue, yet, what is going on there. I need to resolve those samples and take a deeper look and will come back again.
In the meantime, should it happen again, please create new samples and post here. And it would be best if you could do 2 samples in a row, then I can more precisely see if and where it is hanging.
Thank you very much.

Hi @cellicello , I’ve resolved your samples but still have no clue. The next time it happens to you, could you please take 2 or 3 samples in a row for each, the audio engine and Dorico? Sorry for all the hassle, but it is really difficult to get a grip on such kind of issues. Thanks for your understanding