Dorico freezes on file menu operations with particular projects

I have two projects that I worked on at the same time about a month ago and now when I try to work with them, 1) playback is unavailable (play button is grey) 2) when I try to save, export, create new project, change playback device etc., Dorico freezes. It happens only with these two files – no other newer or older file behaves the same way. I’ve attached them.

MacOS Catalina 10.15.4
Dorico 3.1.10

Tried to open them with Dorico 2 – same problem. (1.4 MB)

Both projects opened up happily for me, though they were both using VST instruments that I don’t have available, so I have reset the playback templates to the standard ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ template in each of them, resaved them, and atttach them here. (1.3 MB)

Thanks a lot, Daniel! You’ve repaired them!)

This happened to me earlier with the trial version of NotePerformer, sometimes when I saved after the 1-hour trial expired. The solution always was to apply the HSSE+HSO and then save, which was always taking forever. Now that I own NotePerformer this never happened again.