Dorico Freezes on Startup

New User: Get to the finish scanning Vst3 plugins and it just stalls.

Do you have any Waves plugins? When we’ve seen this reported before, what’s happening is that a plugin is popping up a dialog but it’s being hidden behind the Dorico window. If you’re on Windows then try pressing alt+esc a few times to cycle the window order, or command tab on mac

Thanks so much for your reply! I do have Waves plugins, it seems to be affecting the startup. A waves central dialogue box comes up after I force Dorico to quit in the taskmaster. Pressing alt/ESP doesn’t seem to bring the box up front though.
This worked though, I moved all the wave licenses to the local C drive from th cloud, Dorico started right up. Only problem is I won’t be able to use those plugins on the laptop. John