Dorico freezes when exporting MIDI

Hi all,

I have a Macbook Pro running Dorico 4.3.31.

When exporting a Dorico file to MIDI (well, to anything in general it seems like), Dorico stops responding. I don’t think this is a processor or a file issue, as the file I am working on is relatively small, and I have a relatively powerful computer. I’ve checked the application logs, and there don’t seem to be any messages indicating the audio device crashed either. The last message(s) are “ping response received: from silk service,” which I assume wouldn’t appear if the audio engine had crashed. But again, I am no expert. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Here’s the diagnostics file:
Dorico (722.0 KB)

Thanks for the diagnostics @Cupofjoe .

Contained is one crash file from Dorico itself which the team in London needs to take a look at.

And just to mention it, the audio engine is not involved in MIDI export, only in audio export.

I had the impression the team is in Germany. London?

The whole team formerly working at Sibelius’ is in London! :wink:

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@Cupofjoe, unfortunately the application logs don’t give me much of a clue as to what might be going wrong. What is the path to which you’re attempting to export the MIDI file? Does choosing a different destination path make any difference?