Dorico Freezes when loading VST instruments

Dorico has been frequently freezing while loading the VST instruments of my project. It’s a file with a custom playback template that combines OT instruments and VSL instruments. When I open the file, it will begin to load some of the instruments but will then freeze at random points and not load the remainder of the instruments. Dorico will also freeze and crash if I attempt to set the playback template to “Silence” after it stalls in the loading process. The only way to make it work is to reset the audio engine data and clear my audio engine cache every time before I open the file. My Kontakt player and Synchron player are both using the latest version. This is with Dorico 3.5 on a Mac Pro running 10.15. I’ve attached the diagnostic report.
Dorico (1.63 MB)

Thanks for the data, but there are no crash dumps contained. Can you please open the Console app and look for crashes relating to VSTAudioEngine please? Have a look under user reports or system reports. Thanks