Dorico freezes when Noteperformer trial ends

I recently tried the noteperformer trial period and when a window pops up saying the one hour trial period is over, and for some reason autosave is activated, or I save by mistake, Dorico freezes and when I try to end the vstengine.exe process it doesn’t work either. Pressing OK in the window tends to freeze Dorico sometimes. I tried Dorico versions 3.5 and 4.0 and Dorico 3.5 didn’t freeze as much as Dorico 4.0.

I’m hesitating to buy Noteperformer because I don’t know if it will be very stable or if it can freeze Dorico, I read some previous posts but it seems that few people have this problem.

Dorico freezes because the NotePerformer trial ceased to responds, nothing wrong with that. Well, there are other plug-in manufacturers that choose a different approach when the trial runs out (e.g. just muting any audio output) but that’s up to their decision.
But rest assure that NotePerformer will run stable with Dorico once you have the fully licensed version.

IIRC you can rent-to-buy NP on a month-by-month basis; so you could pay ten dollars (or your country’s equivalent) to restore NP and change VST to unfreeze your Dorico file. NP is well worth the price and is definitely stable.

io uso NotePerformer con Dorico4 e lo trovo meraviglioso. Mai avuto nessun problema. Te lo consiglio.
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