Dorico freezes with USB DAC/AMP

I was attempting to change my ASIO Driver to my iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/Headphone Amplifier in the play section of the Dorico preferences. It was visible as an option in the drop down menu, but when I selected it, Dorico would freeze and I would have to Force Quit the program. I have tried this multiple times and have restarted my computer as well. I have a Mac Pro 7.1 on the latest version of Catalina using Dorico 3.5.1. Is this an issue with my specific USB DAC/AMP, a general issue with external DAC/AMPs or is it a user issue?

Don’t know, we have to find out. Please start Dorico and from the main menu choose ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. The corresponding zip file attach here, please. I’ll have a look and we’ll take it from there. Thanks

Thanks for the reply! My zip file is 2.2mb and it says it’s too large to submit. Is there another way I can send it?

Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks